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Today most Swiss people are equipped with a computer connected to the Internet. Social networking, searching for information, managing family photos, correspondence and shopping are the most common uses. By change, good web design makes such services easy to use and people enjoy it a lot.

Unfortunately maintaining the IT infrastructure remains complicated to most people. The mains cause is an insufficient technical knowledge.

The pains are:

  • installing and configuring devices
  • performing the maintenance and updating systems

Issues can occur when devices are not properly configured, or the maintenance neglected. The consequences are reduced functionality, performance problems, error messages, data loss, viruses, frustration and loss of confidence.

Bienvu Informatique offers IT maintenance and assistance services.


IT infrastructure management and security

Companies are often organized in specialized areas like accounting, sales, production, etc.

Their IT infrastructure is usually composed of a set of workstations, one or more servers, shared folders, printers, a local area network and internet access.

Lots of small organizations don’t have the specialized personnel to manage the IT infrastructure.

Failures can occur when the business is exposed to an accumulation of unsolved problems. 

Major problems like loss of data of viruses can even block the business operations, exposing the company to high financial risks.

Internet presence

Many small businesses do not have an any internet presence, or a very discrete one.

The content of their website is rarely updated and the design often horrible. As a consequence, search engines are ignoring the website or ranking the pages very low.

Today customers expect to find the right supplier in a couple of seconds, using search engines.

This means your business probably misses lots of business opportunities if the competition owns a better web website and a better digital strategy.

Bienvu Informatique offers a broad range of IT services to small businesses:

  • installation, configuration, and maintenance of devices and softwares.
  • implementation of security to ensure confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data.
  • assistance and IT advices
  • remote access system to the company’s network.
  • installation of VoIP phone systems to make serious savings compared to traditional telephony
  • ‘showcase websites’ and ‘e-commerce solutions’
  • Search Engine Optimization  to maximize page ranking

Self-employed workers

The IT infrastructure of a one-man business is very simple and sounds like a home-user.

Nevertheless, the entire business relies on a single computer to carry many activities:  communication, administration, purchasing, invoicing, etc. 

For the sake of the business owner, the computer better be very reliable. Are you certain your computer is secure?

Many self-workers also rely on the Internet to promote their activity and attract new customers because traditional advertising (press, advertising by letters) is often too expensive.

A ‘showcase website’ and a good ranking in search engines are often their preferred option.


  • The content and structure of the website must meet several criteria’s to be pleasant and appealing to the visitor.
  • A set of techniques must be implementing on the website for a positive ranking in search engines

The independent worker does not always have the knowledge or the time to give a good technical care to the IT.  His internet presence is often insufficient.

Bienvu Informatique offers a range of IT services adapted to the self-worker:

  • installation, configuration, and maintenance of the IT infrastructure
  • implementation of security to ensure confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data.
  • assistance and advice for the IT fields
  • design of ‘showcase’ and ‘e-commerce’ websites, referencing and optimization of content to maximize search engine ranking (Search Engine Optimization)


The functioning of the associations depends mainly on volunteers. They spend their free time to carry out activities they are not experts.

In addition, the hr turnover is fast, especially when a new committee is elected or when a volunteer a leaving.

Most associations have acquired a laptop for the bookkeeper to manage the accounting. A website exists to present their activities and inform members.

Unfortunately, many associations do not have the staff capable or available to manage the website and the IT equipment. The website content remains outdated and the risk of loss of information on the computer is important.

Bienvu Informatique provides tailored IT services to associations:

  • installation, configuration, and maintenance of equipment
  • assistance and advice
  • maintenance and management of the website
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