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Setup and configuration

Comment ça marche
Our technicians are at your service to install and configure your IT devices and softwares.

We offer a wide range of services for all your Windows, Mac or Linux devices.

The computer setup and configuration stages are important to provide you the a system that operates according to your expectations. Only optimal settings let enjoy all the great functionalities your system and application can provide and  keeps your system away from troubles.

Bienvu Informatique takes care of all peripherals, printers, scanner, WiFi and network.

Troubleshooting and repair

Our assistance and support service can help you remotely or onsite in case of IT failure or issue.

You tried to solve the problem by yourself but couldn’t succeed?

Our engineers are available to troubleshoot your computer or peripherals, for eample your printer or WiFi.

Bienvu Informatique owns the expertize to diagnose and provide solutions to most failures. We can improve the performance, reliability and security of your IT infrastructure.

Call us now for a quick recovery of your IT systems.


Our preventive maintenance program keeps your system at its best usability, performance and security. 

A planned maintenance of your equipments is performed on a regular basis to prevent problems and technical issues.

We take care of updates, cleaning  unnecessary system files, and perform and overall security check.

Les opérations de maintenance préventive réalisées par Bienvu préviennent les pannes, améliorent la performance de votre ordi et augmentent le niveau de sécurité.

On-site visits

Service sur site et à domicile
When required, our team comes to your location to perform installation and maintenance or provide assistance.

Remote technical intervention and user support

Support à distance
Some work can be performed remotely using a remote access and control software over the internet.

Bienvu Informatique can provide you assistance in a couple of minutes.

Website design and development

Programmation et développement logiciel
Today most businesses require an effective online presence to promote goods or services and reach new customers.

Bienvu Informatique accompany companies, associations and communities along their digital transformation journey.

  • Website and e-Commerce development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Internet Advertizing
  • Digital Strategy

Contact and tell us more about your project.


Security is important to save your valuable digital assets.

More protection is required to prevent IT risks to hit your personal or business data.

Bienvu Informatique provides security tools and advisory to companies and individuals:

  • Risks assesment
  • Security strategy development
  • Preventive security policies
  • Data backup, Firewall  and Antivirus solutions

IT advisory

We provide IT advisory to help you selecting the best options and making the right choices.

Finding the adequate IT solution, service or product is not easy because, they all look the same. 

Only an IT expert can identify your precise requirements and find what best fit your needs. 

Bienvu Informatique provides you with the IT expertise you require to avoid making mistakes you may regret.

Data recovery

Disque dur interne
Your data are highly valuable and unique.

Solutions exist to recover files in case of deletion, media formatting, system crash, virus, or other errors.

Bienvu Informatique can recover lost files from PC, laptop, hard drives, usb sticks and memory cards. 

Secure erase of had disks

Never-ever sell or throw away a computer containing personal information that can be  recovered. A secure erase is a must!

Would you like strangers to access and read your files, taking ownership of your personal communication,  exploiting you bank and tax information? Your old computer may contain piles of such sensible data.

A regular deletion of files is not secure enough because these files can be recovered with some utilities.  Only an “in-depth” destructuration of the filesystem can make a recovery impossible.

Are you really going to sell or bring your old computer to the recycling center with your information not securely erased?

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